People feel simply great when they feel that they have been properly listened to. It helps to give an inner peace.

Here is a technique for listening in a mindful way …

Step 1 – Focus on one thing you are feeling stressed about and one thing you are excited about.

Step 2 – Both people give their thoughts. Try to listen with a kindness, an interest and be accepting.

Step 3 – Have a conversation about how it feels to talk about something stressful and how it feels to share something exciting. Pay attention to your emotions and feelings in your body when you are talking and listening.

Step 4 – Discuss.

How did you feel when you spoke?

How did you feel when you listened?

Did your mind wander?

What distracted you?

What brought your attention back?

Did you make judgements when listening?

How did judging feel inside you?

How did you feel just before you spoke?

How are you feeling now?

What do you think would happen if you followed this method with each and every person you spoke to?

Do you think it could make a difference in relationships with others?

Listen to the sound of chimes in stillness.

What sounds can you hear in your body? How about outside?

Take a music break.

Love can never be an error


Published by Paul Devenny


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