The demands on us, the expectations are enormous. How much of our time contains happiness? We just want to be ourselves and when we can’t, we fall into depression. When we don’t have a nourished inner peace, when we are not centred or balanced, we suffer. Yet, there is no switch that we can flick for anxiety or panic to stop. So full of data, with a racing mind, rest is not rejuvenating; we feel just as tired as when we went to sleep. Our minds are like a balloon, air filling with information, stretched to its limit. Release is necessary or it will burst, often this comes as anger. This is the reason why we need meditation, the practice that our ancestors have partaken in for thousands of years.

Our lives are filled with worries and stressors, many of which simply aren’t worth it. A kindness schedule helps you to structure your week, as much as possible, around being kind to yourself. In your kindness schedule, you make a written plan of days and times for what you need or love, swimming, yoga, tennis, writing, painting, playing a musical instrument, meditating, are all examples of inclusions. You give these precious times to you, they are for you, they help to nourish you. It’s important to not compromise on being kind to yourself. An investment in yourself, is a great investment.

be kind to yourself

Published by Paul Devenny


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