In every moment of your life, you have a choice. In every
aspect of your life, you have a choice. Create the life that is
right for you, that gives you the greatest sense of peace
possible. Not the most money, not the most stuff, not the
most power. Choose peace as much as you can, choose love
as much as you can, choose balance and calm as much as
you can. Grudges, complaints, arguments, stress, fatigue
are all the results of choices YOU have made for your life. It
is futile to gripe about them. You have put yourself where
you are. If you have made bad choices, correct them WITH
IMMEDIATE EFFECT. If people are giving you stress and
confrontation either cross them off your list if you can or
don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of their pain.

Your mind sees your soul as an
unknown language in which your heart
is fluent


Focus on breathing.
Focus on the texture of clothing against the skin, the
temperature of the body and the environment.
Which parts of the body are tingling, sore, heavy or light?
Notice your body language.
Exercise and do yoga.
Have a schedule for this, you will see that in time it becomes
ritualistic and an essential part of your life which you come
to look forward to.
Every aspect of your daily living affects the overall health of
your body and your soul. Invest in yourself, invest in your
inner peace. Nurture it, protect it, respect it. Don’t let
anything or anyone disturb it or take it from you.
Spend every waking hour on love.



It slows the heart

Relaxes the body

Releases endorphins which diminish stress hormones

Before you speak, PAUSE, analyse what you are going to say. Is it positive? Is it kind?

How many times have you said something and instantly regretted it or later wished you’d never said it?

What you say travels outwards in waves, it’s an important part of how you are remembered and thought of, let it be the truth about you.

The past is dead and the future does not exist



Sit silently and observe your current mental state and emotions. What do I feel? Why do I feel this?

When you find your mind wandering and worrying say to yourself, ‘COME BACK’ to bring yourself back into the moment.

Tune into your moods.

Set aside a worry time for your mind. Instead of worrying often about matters, only allow yourself to worry within a certain time frame. If you feel worries coming over you, state to yourself that they are to be cleared until worry time.

I do not follow any rule, I create my own



Choose a natural object. Focus on watching it. Explore every aspect of its formation. Allow yourself to be consumed by its presence and connect with its energy and purpose in the natural world.

Name 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can see and 1 sensation you can feel.

Enjoy deep breathing, in for 4 seconds, out for 4 seconds.

Light your favourite candle, watch the flame sway and flicker.

Watch your own life movie. See all the actions you are doing and how you are behaving as though they are movie scenes.

Sit in a park or garden and observe with your eyes closed.

Heal and know that respect is earned through being non-confrontational, non-critical, kind, positive, thoughtful and considerate. Try this, see what happens in your life.



  1. Dim the lights 1 hour before bedtime and indulge in relaxing activities.
  • Avoid looking at anything with a screen. The light keeps you awake and alert.
  • 10 minutes before bedtime sit in a comfortable chair in the dimly lit room. Imagine the outline of your body and slowly trace it in your mind. Pay attention to the amount of pressure you are feeling against the chair, where there is more pressure and where there is less.
  • Is your head touching the back of the chair? How heavy does it feel against the chair, the wall or just the air?
  • Continue these questions for your ears, shoulders, arms, legs and feet. Then work your way back up. If your mind wanders bring it back to the exercise.
  • Get into bed and focus on your breath.


  1. Stand up straight with your back upright but not stiff. Feel your feet touching the ground and let your weight distribute evenly.
  • Curl the thumb of your left hand in and wrap your fingers around it. Wrap your right hand around it resting your thumb in the crevice formed between your left thumb and index finger. This creates balance and keeps swinging arms from being a distraction.
  • Drop your gaze slightly.
  • Step out with your left foot. Feel it swing, feel the heel hit the ground, now the ball, now the toes.
  • Keep walking in this way.

Take off your shoes and walk bare foot on the grass.

Feel the sense of grounding.

My love is sharing my art



When an argument starts to burn or there is a confrontation or tensions are building, press FREEZE.

FREEZE life for a time. Allow everything and everyone to calm down.

This gives all parties time for reflection and to consider how the other person is feeling and why. Look upon the situation with their eyes. What do they want? Why are they reacting in this way? What possible compromises and solutions are available?

When everything is calm again, go back to the conversation. Discuss it in the following way. Begin with both parties apologising and stating what they could have done better. “I apologise, I could have done this better and I could have said this better.” Present your understanding of the other person’s perspective. “My understanding is that you wish to ……… because ………… My perspective is that I wish to ………. because …….”

“These are the possible compromises and solutions I can think of …….”

Then allow the other person the same opportunity to do this.

Afterwards discuss calmly the best way forward from the suggestions made.

Surmount the storm

The Freeze



People feel simply great when they feel that they have been properly listened to. It helps to give an inner peace.

Here is a technique for listening in a mindful way …

Step 1 – Focus on one thing you are feeling stressed about and one thing you are excited about.

Step 2 – Both people give their thoughts. Try to listen with a kindness, an interest and be accepting.

Step 3 – Have a conversation about how it feels to talk about something stressful and how it feels to share something exciting. Pay attention to your emotions and feelings in your body when you are talking and listening.

Step 4 – Discuss.

How did you feel when you spoke?

How did you feel when you listened?

Did your mind wander?

What distracted you?

What brought your attention back?

Did you make judgements when listening?

How did judging feel inside you?

How did you feel just before you spoke?

How are you feeling now?

What do you think would happen if you followed this method with each and every person you spoke to?

Do you think it could make a difference in relationships with others?

Listen to the sound of chimes in stillness.

What sounds can you hear in your body? How about outside?

Take a music break.

Love can never be an error