-1- MEDITATION Meditation improves your cognition, develops your focus, gives you better sleep and greater compassion. It provides spiritual development and happiness. Meditation delivers a quietening of your thoughts and mind. It exists in different forms, two examples are transcendental through repeating a mantra and mindful, via being a spectator to your thoughts, allowing themContinue reading “DISCOVERING YOUR ENLIGHTENED SELF”


Turn to meditation Light a candle, an incense stick, turn out the lights In the beginning You may feel restless Remember that meditation has the power To transform your life Give yourself time to understand Your inner mind Try to meditate At the same time Every day So, it becomes a routine Start with 10Continue reading “MEDITATION”


In the journey of life, pain may be inevitable but suffering is more of a choice. Meditate, inhale, say to your mind the words PEACE, LIGHT, PURITY. As you exhale, say to your mind the words worry, stress, pain. Feel all the negativity and impurity leave you. Rejuvinate your life force, your qi, your prana.