Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does beginning counselling help?

Taking the step of presenting for counselling and hearing a trained counsellor advise you that together we can get you feeling better is a huge relief and the beginning of a journey of healing and discovering a greater sense of inner peace.

2. How many sessions will I need?

This depends on your circumstances, the gravity of issues and how many you are able to be a part of. Typically, 10 sessions are recommended.

3. What will happen in the sessions?

With your counsellor you will begin by outlining the issues which are causing you suffering and your beliefs and actions which are connected. Over sessions you can deepen the discussion of your suffering and learn to explore alternative, more positive beliefs which then stimulate more productive behaviour and interactions. New belief systems are developed that will transform your life and give you significantly greater inner peace.

4. Does counselling work for everyone?

Counselling is beneficial for everyone as each individual is part of an internal battle of some kind and being part of a sharing and healing process with a trained counsellor is a greatly worthwhile process.

5. Is it best to do it in person or can on-line sessions work for me?

If it is possible for you to attend in person you can find great benefit but this is not possible for everyone. Wherever you are in the world and even if you move around from place to place for work, taking the time to connect with your counsellor, continuing your journey of finding a greater state of mental and physical health is a great investment in your self-development.