It can be difficult to reach out when you are suffering with your mental health.

It can appear easier to struggle on because it is scary to make that first step of letting someone know how you are feeling. You feel weak for having the issue. A mental illness is as valid as a physical illness in every way.

Going to see an expert about a twisted ankle or earache would not give this feeling. Your illness does not define you and it does not reflect on you as weak, weird or wrong. It is something to overcome, as with a physical problem, through expert advice, treatment and therapy. The first key to feeling better is to accept what is happening to you, not be afraid of it and not attach a stigma to it.

online counselling and therapy, mental health counsellor
Paul Devenny is a trained CBT therapist and counsellor

The first contact with a mental health professional still appears daunting. You may have a lot of questions about what it will be like. The reality is that a qualified counsellor or psychologist is trained in how to interact with you with complete empathy and without judgement, therefore you will find that the response you get is one of care, understanding, kindness and a willingness to help you through it.

There are options of face-to-face counselling or on-line counselling which is still very effective and can remove the stress of travelling, finding enough time to fit in a session or actually walking through your problems face to face. Whichever process you opt for, this experience is fundamental in allowing you to talk through your pain, suffering and experiences and free yourself.

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