Meditation improves your cognition, develops your focus, gives you better sleep and greater compassion. It provides spiritual development and happiness.

Meditation delivers a quietening of your thoughts and mind. It exists in different forms, two examples are transcendental through repeating a mantra and mindful, via being a spectator to your thoughts, allowing them to arise and peacefully leave.

To avoid physical and mental exhaustion, focused rest is essential. Falling into mental anguish is often a solitary experience. Embracing meditation, is an alternative which brings stress relief, reduced anxiety, improved health, better breathing with more oxygen and a more loving approach to others.

To quieten the mind is to give your heart centre stage and allow the real truth of you to surface.

This age-old practice helps to prevent rather than treat illness and delivers enlightened, intuitive thought.

In preparation, be comfortable, be still, be cross-legged on the floor or sit on a chair with a cushion for your feet. Make sure your spine is aligned and elongated.

Inhale over a count of 5 and exhale over a count of 5, as though there is a balloon in your belly which you are blowing up as you breathe in and deflating as you breathe out.

In motion meditation, allows you to quieten the mind as you are moving. Focus on the action you are partaking in. Be mindful of each detail, for example, when gardening or shopping.

Spot meditations can be undertaken when waiting, in a queue, for example. Quieten the mind and focus on your breathing.

Micro meditations can be carried out on a train ride or whilst waiting for a cake to rise, for example.

In standard meditations, more time is required for deeper meditation and to open the doorway to the enlightened being.

Deep meditation brings deeper restoration and deeper enlightenment.

Bringing meditation into your life as a routine helps your chakra or internal wheel of energy, allowing it to flow.

Affirmations or positive words and phrases can help you to overcome obstacles. In meditation your judgmental brain is relaxed, allowing you to enrich and reward yourself and your self-worth.

Quieten the mind

Published by Paul Devenny


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