Turn to meditation

Light a candle, an incense stick, turn out the lights

In the beginning

You may feel restless

Remember that meditation has the power

To transform your life

Give yourself time to understand

Your inner mind

Try to meditate

At the same time

Every day

So, it becomes a routine

Start with 10 minutes


No distractions

When your mind wanders

Bring your attention back

To meditating

Be comfortable

Bring your attention to your breathing

Focus your breath

Experience the air

Flowing through your nose

Out through your mouth

Inhale 1,2,3,4,5


Exhale 1,2,3,4,5

Close your eyes

Bring yourself away from distractions

Imagine yourself

In a serene environment

Listen to the gentle sounds

In your mind

Feel the beauty of this place

If your mind wanders

Bring it back to this place

Open your eyes

Focus your attention on your candle

Focus on the shape and the colours

When thoughts come

Observe them

Without engaging

When you have finished

Lay down

Close your eyes

For 5 minutes

Before you open them

Choose a smooth, enclosed path

Through a park or a forest

Away from people and noise




Anchor your mind to your walking

Observe how your feet

Rise and fall

Walk for at least 15 minutes

Enjoy the mindfulness


Lowers blood pressure


Relaxes nerve signals

Responsible for tension

In blood vessels

Reduces pain


The immune system

Makes you

More resistant

To disease

Calms you

Helps you sleep better

Helps manage the pain of a chronic condition


Gives you

Increased concentration



Reduces cortisol

A stress hormone


An inflammation causing chemical

Eases anxiety

Promotes creativity


Helps stave off Alzheimer’s

Improves learning ability and memory

Helps the production

Of serotonin

A mood enhancing chemical

It boosts feelings

Of well-being

Reduces depression

Promotes peace of mind

Mental clarity

Emotional well-being

Helps you to respond

Rather than react

Increases compassion and empathy

Increases self – awareness



Published by Paul Devenny


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